Nostoc Algae

Nostoc Algae Problems?

Nostoc Algae – the green jelly.

If you have Nostoc algae problems you’ll be seeing a green jelly like substance which is extremely slippery and dangerous. It can be found in any damp areas of grass, paths, pavers, driveways carparks, pavers and soil. A genus of cyanobacteria found in various environments, it forms colonies composed of filaments of moniliform cells in a gelatinous sheath and it swells up into a jelly like mass when wet.

If this unsightly growth is taking over your outdoor areas, get them sorted with Spik and Span Moss and Mould and Lichen Slayer. Spik and Span is affordable and it works – even on Nostoc algae. Now that we are out of the dull cold weather, you have every opportunity to get slippery surfaces sorted.

We know you can beat those Nostoc Algae problems and make the most of Spring. Let the rain and weather elements work on your sprayed area. You’ll be left with an area that’s, well, Spik and Span.

All that is left to do is enjoy the warmer weather, knowing you have done a great job with the right product at the right price.

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See our competitor analysis here. You’ll see for yourself that we use the same active ingredients as other leading products, at a better concentration (and much better price!) giving you more use per bottle.

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