How to kill Moss on your Tennis Court

Kill moss mould and lichen on your Tennis Court the easy way!

We know it’s unsightly, slippery and affects the lifetime of your court. Now is a good time for you to spray Spik and Span’s Moss Mould and Lichen Slayer and get kill that moss and other unsightly growth.

Depending upon the size of the area to be treated and the thickness of moss then it can take a little time but it is not difficult especially if you are using the correct moss killer and cleaning products.

Whether it is the whole playing area itself, outside tramlines or behind baselines certain areas of a tennis court will eventually have some moss growth.  Does your tennis court have trees and bushes around them which provide shade and is the perfect environment for grow moss? This moss growth not only looks bad but can become slippery and therefore dangerous.  It can also slowly start to cause damage to a playing surface so it is important that the moss is removed and the surface kept clear.

Treatment is straight forward and can easily be undertaken on a DIY basis. Given the larger areas involved we do recommend using a small water blasting machine with a chemical ventura for the application of the moss killer as these make the whole process of product application much quicker, easier and can mean less fatigue for the operator.

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The Spik and Span Team

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