Moss in Lawns

How to get rid of moss in lawns.

You may have started to notice the appearance of moss throughout your lawn now that New Zealand is heading into Autumn and the cooler, wetter season of Winter.

Incredibly, mosses have been around for over 350 million years, so it knows how to survive. And while moss can look wonderful on bush walk trails, it’s less welcome in our lawns.

Lawn moss can form dense carpets competing with your grass for water and nutrients which will make the lawn even more wet, uneven and spongy to walk on. These primitive plants love damp and shady areas and can quickly spread in lawns that are already struggling.

How to get rid of moss in lawns:

Moss in lawns is a sign that there is an underlying problem with the lawn. This can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Poor drainage
  • Shade
  • Lack of fertiliser
  • Grass cut too short
  • Heavy foot traffic

Ridding lawns of moss requires a two-step process – firstly, to remove the moss and secondly, to stop it coming back.

Spik & Span provides quick control of moss in fine turf, by inhibiting a key enzyme in moss production. Spik and Span will not harm even fine turf grasses and because it leaves minimal residue it allows for fast re-establishment of grass which is the best defence against moss.

Once the moss is removed we recommend scarifying and fertilising your lawn to help strengthen the health of your lawn and prevent moss getting a foothold. We highly recommend our clients for all lawn care services and advice.

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