Cleaning Product Comparison

Product Pack Size Dillution Rate Dilluted Total Cost to Buy Cost per Liter
Xtreme Clean Sure Thing 5L 1:5 30L $75.00 $2.50
Wet and Forget 5L 1:5 30L $99.00 $3.30
Spik and Span 5L 1:10 55L $64.00 $1.16
Soak'n'croak 5L 1:16 85L $98.00 $1.15
Move-it 5L 1:5 30L $49.90 $1.16
Bio-Shield 5L 1:20 105L $99.00 $.94
30 second Spray and Walk Away 5L 1:4 25L $28.90 $1.16

There are numerous products available on the market to kill moss mould and lichen.

Wet & Forget is the market leader but there are several alternatives available that contain the same active ingredient in higher concentration for less cost.

Blind testing was conducted to compare products that clean moss, mould and lichen using Wet & Forget and other outdoor cleaners. This testing found no significant difference in cleaning performance and advised that consumers should choose based on the price point they wished to spend.

Blind  testing found that there was;


No discernible difference in cleaning performance among them.


Consumers should choose based on price alone

the best mould remover product to suit your requirements.

Spik and Span have put together the following cleaning product comparison to help give you a good understanding of the variety of moss and mold removal productsand other household and domestic cleaners so that you can make an informed decision for the best mould remover before buying.

The market offers several cleaning products that all claim do the same or similar thing.

  • Some of these moss and mould removal products contain bleach and are not biodegradable; these can damage paint.
  • Some are harmful to plants and pets.
  • Some will cause your roof to rust or oxidize

Spik and Span and some other leading products such as Wet and Forget contain the same active ingredient which is a very strong anti bacterial chemical derived from salt that is very effective for Moss Mould and Lichen Removal.

Choose Spik and Span as our product provides best value for money.