Kill Moss on Tennis Courts

How do i kill moss on a tennis court?

How do you clear moss from a tennis court? Neve fear! Depending upon the size of the area to be treated and the thickness of moss then it can take a little time but it is not difficult if you are using Spik & Span.

Whether it is the whole playing area itself, outside tramlines or behind baselines certain areas of a tennis court will eventually have some moss growth. Many tennis courts have trees and bushes around them which provide shade and is the perfect environment for grow moss. This moss growth not only looks unsightly, but can become slippery and dangerous. It can also slowly start to cause damage to a playing surface so it is important that the moss is removed and the surface kept clear.

Given the larger areas involved we do recommend using a small water blasting machine with a ventura for the application of Spik & Span as this will make the process quicker, however a standard garden sprayer will also work.


Before starting any treatment, we recommend that the surface should be brushed to remove any loose moss growth, dirt, leaves etc. You will also find that a large amount of the larger moss growth can be removed in this way which will reduce your time and less product will be required.

If it is possible, you can use the small pressure washer to remove the worst areas of moss growth. However undertake this process with caution as larger pressure washers could possibly cause damage to the surface. Pressure washers also use quite large volumes of water and the process can be very messy but it is a very effective way of both cleaning the surface and removing moss. If you decide to prepare your tennis court in this way then remember to wash it BEFORE the application of Spik & Span.

If the area is surrounded by trees or large shrubs then it may help to cut these back slightly to allow more light onto the tennis court, this will allow the area to dry more quickly thus not remain damp – all of which will encourage fresh moss growth.

Why choose Spik and Span?

How much active ingredient per litre?

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Treatment of Court Surface

The Ratio for mixing Spray and Forget will depend on the level of growth. Spray liberally onto a dry surface and check the weather as you don’t want it to rain for at least 2-3 hours after spraying. The Moss will die off within 2-3 weeks but will be dead after 1-2 months. Now the dead moss will need to be removed. This can be done by wire brooming and metal grass rakes. Our tennis club customers have their own resurfacing harrows they tow with a ride on mower.

Future Protection

The future treatment of the area depends upon the surrounding area. Some courts will show signs of fresh growth within 8-10 months especially if they are surrounded by trees or allow water to puddle. Otherwise you may not see any fresh growth for up to 3-years after the initial treatment. Either way you should try to keep the court swept as often as possible. Users tend to either apply a new coat of Spik & Span on an annual basis or wait until the first signs of fresh growth appear.

Please remember that the whole playing area can be treated or alternatively only the areas where there is moss growing. Many courts have growth either to one side, one end or around tramlines. If this is the case then these areas are the ones that need the treatment.

It can be used around children and pets/animals providing it is used as directed. They should be left off the surface until DRY

If you have a job larger or trickier than a DIY job within Auckland (high roofs, large area etc) we can also professionally wash and treat your home, building or property. See our business or call 0800 88 11 23 for a free, no obligation quote. Sorted!