Moss, Mould, ALGAE and Lichen on your Roof

A clean growth-free roof is the goal for many homeowners.

Ideal for Monier, Gerrard, Decramastic, Coloursteel, Clay, Ceramic, Concrete, Bitumix and Cedar roofing products.

Kill Moss, Mould, and Lichen on Roof

Use Spik & Span to easily kill Moss, Mould, Algae and Lichen on your roof for a clean and healthy home from the roof down.

Great for Colour Steel, Slate, Ceramic or Concrete tiles, Kill Moss Mould and Lichen on Roofs quickly and easily.

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Why is Moss on The Roof Bad?

In the roof cleaning industry, there is definitely one common conclusion and it is that Moss Mould and Lichen are not good for roofs. Growth such as Moss, Mould, and Lichen stores moisture which can damage your roof’s surfaces. By using a roof treatment such as this you’ll be able to maintain the integrity of your roof and keep it looking better for longer. 

A moss buildup on the roof causes more debris to get trapped on the roof. This debris promotes water buildup which makes the roof at risk of much more rotting and leaking. Moss and Lichen can actually damage the roof components and lift tiles, causing your roof to deteriorate much faster.

If you have a job larger or trickier than a DIY job within Auckland  (high roofs, large area etc) we can also professionaly wash and treat your home, building  or property. See our sister business or call 0800 88 11 23 for a free, no obligation quote. Sorted!