Kill Nostoc Algae


Nostoc Algae Cyanobacteria

So you’ve seen that unattractive green brown mess on your grass, driveway or paths…

That firm or gelatinous growth on the soggier parts of your property is Nostoc algae or Cyanobacteria. Nostoc algae thrives in over-watered or consistently moist, warm areas. Although it is not hazardous to plants or animals, it is dangerously slippery, can have an offensive smell and is generally pretty unattractive.


Nostoc is very resilient and can lay dormant for several years. It is able to be killed off with Spik & Span at a higher level of concentration. It may need to be spot resprayed in 6 months time in case any areas were not treated on first application.

Spray the affected areas liberally.

Spik & Span will not affect the lawn or any surrounding garden plants.

The Nostoc algae will start to die in 2-3 days, and is usually dead in 2-3 weeks.


If you have pets and young children, allow applied Spik & Span to dry first before allowing them onto the surface

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