Kill Moss and Mould on Pavers, Concrete and Cobblestones

Moss and Mould Killer to Kill Moss and Mould on Pavers, Concrete and cobblestones.

The 5 litre will make up to 55 litres of product which should cover around 200-300m2 depending on density of biomass you are spraying

Our Spik and Span Moss and Mould Killer needs to be diluted with water in your garden sprayer at 10:1, ie: 10 parts water to 1 part Or you can purchase the ready to use 2 litre concentrate and connect to your garden hose and will automatically dilute as you spray

The 2 litre is more concentrate and will spray at 1/20 so will make 40 litres of finished product which should cover around 200-250m2.

Liberally spray the moss and algae on the pavers or cobblestones and leave it for the weather to do the rest. You would normally start to see positive results within a week. The algae will disappear, the moss will brown off and will wear away over time with the weather.

There is no need to waterblast, the Moss and Mould Killer will remain active on the surface for up to a year and be re-activated each time it rains.

Do not spray within 5-6 hours of predicted rain or during the hottest part of the day to avoid evaporation of the product. Let the sprayed area dry first before allowing children or pets to walk on the pavers and cobblestones.