Go Clean, go green

About US

Spik and Span was Launched by Brendan and Renee Harris in 2018 to provide affordable online moss and mould products that get great results and don’t cost the earth.

The team pride themselves in quick service and in quality products that actually work.


In 2018, the move into moss and mould removal products was a natural one. Stemming from years of experience treating commercial and residential roofs, and all sorts of other surfaces for moss and mould.

Spik and span had the advantage of working closely with manufacturers to test out in the field and produce a product that was the most effective for use in New Zealand’s warm damp environment.

Values and Guarantee

For us, it’s the simple things like speedy service and deliveries, ensuring that our products are simple to use. and ensuring all of our products are bleach free and biodegradable.

If you simply follow the easy instructions on pack, we guarantee mould free results. Our products don’t just clean, they also make a protective barrier so your property stays cleaner for longer

Create a protective barrier, & Come Home to Spik and Span.


Go Clean, go green

Spik & Span is a trusted industry leader in providing effective solutions for removing moss, mould, nostoc algae, and lichen from a variety of surfaces. Our products have a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction.

If you have a job larger or trickier than a DIY job within Auckland (high roofs, large area etc) we can also professionally wash and treat your home, building or property. See our business www.sprayandwash.co.nz or call 0800 88 11 23 for a free, no obligation quote. Sorted!