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Hey hey…Its Wednesday..

Isnt it great to see the sun?  Wow, after all that rain, its blinding and brings on a squint, but so good to see in the sky.  The ranges looked magnificent this morning with their fresh dusting of snow after all that wet cold weather.  Flooding was a problem with that...

There’s a whole lot of Chocolate going on….

Wishing you and yours a happy Easter…the weather has improved, no wind…no rain…plenty of sun and blue sky, and temperatures up in the high teens… considering the week most have endured throughout NZ last week..this turn about is nothing short...

Happy Easter!!

Wishing you a happy Easter, a chocolatey time with friends and family, getting buttered up with hot crossed buns.  Never mind about the rain, dont let it dampen your parade, enjoy 4 days off.  🙂